Samarthan strives to address the challenges of poverty and underdevelopment through strengthening the grassroots civil society groups. We consistently promote and strengthen civil society efforts and have a large network of grassroots groups (NGOs/CBOs/Panchayat representatives) to amplify voices of the poor, dalit, tribal and women in policy-making platforms.

The current website is being created with financial assistance from Jamsetji Tata Trust for the prokect titeled “Deepening support and services to migrant workers and creating sustainable and replicable community structures to promote safe migration and pro-poor governance in Madhya Pradesh”.

The aim of the project is to provide comprehensive solutions to the social and economic issues faced by poor migrant workers and to create sustainable and replicable practice- models and community structure in both the source villages as well as the destination cities to promote safe migration practices and pro-poor governance.

As part of this objective, the following portal has been established. The aim of this portal is to directly link labourers (migrants & non- migrants) with builders, industries, contractors, Sub-contractors etc., in a way that both are benefited. Linking workers directly with demand would enable he workers in securing regular livelihood. This would result in improved wages and working conditions for the workers. It would help the builders as they would be able to source quality manpower at competitive rates, without any hassles.

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